Social Responsibility

The strategic orientation of management is defined by policies of the quality system, its implementation, continuous improvement of environmental management and protection of health and safety at work. One of the strategic objectives is that we should also establish a relationship with all entities in the environment and that we should build the image of a business system, through contributions to society and country, by fulfilling all obligations towards the society on the basis of all contributions and taxes, assistance in various forms of scholarships and other financial sponsorship and non-financial benefits.

Harmonization of image and settings in the policy and strategy is reflected through the continuous implementation of measures to increase customer satisfaction, establishing processes that contribute to customer satisfaction and manage, continuously improve product quality and production process, preduzumanje all necessary measures to protect the environment and health care and safe working conditions of employees. An integral part of our image is to convey our organization in business also to our participation in events, whether in the form of professional help, or by our own organization, in order to contribute to a better organization of the environment and better performance, which is certainly the interest of the society.

We realize the high degree of responsibility towards the community presenting ourself as a partner in solving common problems in order to gain confidence within our immediate environment.

The positive impact of our company on the local and regional economy is reflected in several examples and actions that were organized by local communities in construction of various buildings of significance to the community (eg complete reconstruction of Primary school), and employment of other companies in the region for the works for our and companies in the region. At the district level no greater socially usefu social event took place without the participation of  “Galeb Group” as witnessed by the numerous awards that the company has received.

Activities undertaken to determine impact on environmental, safety and health are: development of an active process, production and use of materials to the production, use and disposal of waste, minimize the impacts on the environment, informing customers the safe use of all of our products, undertaking of all necessary measures to reduce environmental impacts in mind emissions to water and air, soil pollution, and concerns about proper disposal of hazardous waste and neopasnog. Whike purchasing new equipment we take care that production process do not create pollution that can affect the environment.

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