Metal Sheet Lithography

Two high-productive coating lines and two lines for printing on tin plate and aluminium sheet are installed for metal sheet varnishing and printing. Only lacquers of the best known global producers, resistant to pasteurization and sterilization are used for varnishing.


Quality control is equipped with modern equipment, which guarantees continuous, high quality of products. Average working capacity of each line separately is 4.500 sheets per hour. Metal sheets with thickness of 0.14 – 0.5mm, size – minimum 500×700 mm and maximum 1100×950 mm can be coated.

By our own technical and design preparation, we completed the process from conceptual design up to offset plate making. Tin plate coating and printing services are rendered to third parties as well, and they are intended for the needs of industry for packaging of food products and technical contents.

CTP (computer to plate)

The latest technology CTP device, format B0, is used for prepress, which enables production of high quality and demanding graphic art solutions. Prepress Department renders the services of making completely new graphic solutions in short time, and all this according to customer’s request.

ctpComputer To Plate

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