Aluminium Pharmaceutical Caps

All kinds of Al-u caps are used in pharmaceutical industry. They are packed in polyethylene bags and fi ve-layer cardboard boxes. The way of packing disables contamination of caps. Al-u caps have certifi cate of health safety.


Aluminium Pharmaceutical Capsaluminijumske_kapice_2

Aluminium Pharmaceutical Capsaluminijumske_kapice_3

Aluminium Pharmaceutical Capsaluminijumske_kapice_4

Aluminium Pharmaceutical Caps

Types of Al-u caps are as follows:

1. Combined Al-u cap VK-33 mm
2. Combined Al-u cap KK-13 mm
3. Al-u cap ø 13 and ø 20 mm according to ISO 8362-7 standard
4. Al-u caps for bottle with penicillin neck DIN-58366 BG2 type 13
5. Penicillin closure – non-lacquered ø 20.56×7.3 and ø 20.56×7.5 mm

Combined Al-u caps VK-33 and KK-13 consist of Al-part and plastic cover.

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