Aluminium Tubes

Tubes are used for fi lling of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and other contents. Tubes are packed in three-layer cardboard trays which are lined with polyethylene foil and stacked on the palette. Palettes are lined with thermo-shrinking polyethylene bags. The way of packing disables contamination of tubes. Al-u tubes have certifi cate of health safety.


Technical data – Tubes
Dimensions of aluminium tubes are as follows:

ø 13 x 60-78 mm
ø 19 x 85-120 mm
ø 22 x 105-135 mm
ø 25 x 110-145 mm
Tubes are made with closed neck in diameters M9 and M11.
Tubes are delivered with caps.
Also they may have a rubber ring.
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