Aluminium Screw Caps

In Galeb Metal Pack’s assortment there are also the closures 28×15,3 mm with PVC free liner, which are intended primarily for closing bottles filled with carbonated and non-carbonated water, wine and refreshing drinks. Depending on whether the packaging is returnable or not, these closures can be vertically or horizontally cut. These cuts provoke the ring of the closure to stay on the neck during bottle opening, or to be separated from the bottle together with the closure, followed by a crack on vertical perforations. As well as other products from our assortment, these closures can be produced in many design solutions, according to the customers’ requirements.

ROPP navojni aluminijumski zatravraci

ROPP Aluminium Screw Caps

Cap dimensions are as follows (d x h):

ø 28 x 15,3 mm with vertical / horizontal cut and PVC free seal

Aluminum closures are used for closing glass bottles filled with mineral and natural water, soft and alcoholic drinks, juices, pharmaceutical and technical products. Closures are packed in polyethylene bags and five-layer cardboard boxes and its packaging method prevents their contamination. Closures possess health and safety attestation. Closures are supplied with expanded polyethylene liners or with dosing safety valves.

Aluminijumski navojni zatvaraciAluminium Screw Caps

Cap dimensions are as follows (d x h):

ø 20 x 15 mm
ø 28 x 15 mm with PVC free sealants
ø 28 x 18 mm
ø 28 x 22 mm
ø 31,5 x 18 mm
ø 31,5 x 24 mm

Aluminijumski navojni zatvarači

Aluminium Screw Caps

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