Aluminium Screw Caps

Aluminium caps are used for closing of glass bottles fi lled with mineral and natural waters, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical and technical contents, juices. Caps are packed in polyethylene bags and fi ve-layer cardboard boxes. The way of packing disables contamination of caps. Caps have certifi cate of health safety. Caps are delivered with sealants made of expanded polyethylene or with dosage safety valve.

Aluminijumski navojni zatvaraciAluminium Screw Caps

Cap dimensions are as follows (d x h):

ø 20 x 15 mm
ø 28 x 15 mm
with PVC free sealants
ø 28 x 18 mm
ø 28 x 22 mm
ø 31,5 x 18 mm
ø 31,5 x 24 mm
Aliminijumski Zatvarači

Aluminium Screw Caps

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