Long-cap Closures

Aluminium closures ”Long-cap” are used for closing of glass bottles fi lled with alcoholic beverages, wine and other drinks. Closures are packed in polyethylene bags and fi ve-layer cardboard boxes. Closures have certifi cate of health safety.

Stel cap zatvaraci
Long-cap Closures

Technical data – Long-cap Closures
Closure dimensions are as follows (d x h):

ø 28 x 38 mm
ø 28 x 44 mm
ø 30 x 35 mm
ø 30 x 47 mm
ø 30 x 60 mm
ø 31,5 x 40,5 mm
ø 31,5 x 44 mm
ø 31,5 x 50 mm
ø 31,5 x 55 mm
ø 31,5 x 57 mm
ø 31,5 x 60 mm

Stel-cap zatvarači

Long-cap Closures

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